The Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin Review - First guest review!

Hey, Geeks and Geekettes, Lyesmith here with a Steampunk book review. But we're going to do things a little different this time. See, my eldest daughter, 11, and I read the same book and loved it so much that as I discussed doing a review, she asked to do one as well. So in this review we're going to include the first ever guest review by none other than my oldest child, KitKatKate! Leave a comment, share the review, and let her know what you thought. Now, without further ado, on the to review!

Geekin' Podcast Issue 35: DC's Destruction Defense!

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00.00 How to Get Your Geekin
00.20 Intro
00.44 Batman vs Superman Script Rumors Also Discussed: Does the Man of Steel sequel deal with the fan backlash directed to the last 40 minutes of MoS or simply dismiss it?
14.25 Six Different Wonder Woman Scripts??  Also Discussed: Tim Burton thinks Superhero films are done! The Boys discuss Burton’s Batman.
22.10 The Suicide Squad Cast! Also Discussed: Lyesmith cracks himself up! How should The Joker be handled in Suicide Squad? Retinax-5 and Lyesmith would prefer a Suicide Squad TV series!
39.20 Benedict Cumberbatch Officially Cast as Doctor Strange!
42.31 Happy Holidays from the Boys of Geekin!
43.37 Outro

Geekin' Podcast Issue 34: Geekin' on Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3!

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The Boys of Geekin' discuss Marvel's slate for Phase Three! Civil War! The Infinity War! Doctor Strange! Black Panther! Captain Marvel! The Inhumans! Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Thor Ragnarok!

Show Notes:

00.00 How to Get Your Geekin!

00.22 Intro
09.25 The Rest of Phase Two: Avengers 2 and Ant-Man             Also Discussed: The Age of Ultron trailer! Lyesmith is rooting for Ant-Man to succeed after the firing of Edgar Wright! Does each “Phase” have an overall story line?
16.37 Captain America: Civil War             Also Discussed: Possible differences between the Marvel Comics Civil War and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Civil War.
20.26 Doctor Strange
22.47 Guardians of the Galaxy 2
24.30 Thor: Ragnarok             Also Discussed: Why the long break between Thor 2 and Thor 3?
28.12 Black Panther
30.08 The Avengers: Infinity War Part 1             Also Discussed: Will Whedon return to direct?
35.06 Captain Marvel             Also Discussed: Retinax 5 and…

Geekin' Podcast Issue 33: Geekin on Fall TV 2014!

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0.00.00 How to Get Your Geekin!

0.00.22 Intro

0.02.30 The Boys discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! Also Discussed: Retinax 5 does a 180 on Skye?!?! Fitz has gone bonkers! Lyesmith loves Mockingbird! What could have been if David E. Kelly’s Wonder Woman pilot hadn’t sucked! Handling Hydra! Balancing spies and metas!

0.17.05 The Boys discuss Gotham! Also Discussed: Retinax 5 takes a digital shovel and buries a previous episode of Geekin’! Jada Pinkett Smith goes full Shatner! Is Gotham trying to do too much? Retinax 5 reveals himself to be a heartless bastard who picks on children!

0.29.40 The Boys discuss The Flash! Also Discussed: Retinax 5’s monkey fetish returns! The Boys lavish praise of The Flash! Is Doctor Wells the key to a DC Cinematic/Televised Multiverse? The Reverse-Flash theories abound! Lysemith points to The Flash and shouts “In yo’ face, Man of Steel!!”
0.41.14 The Boys discuss Arrow! Also Discussed: Laurel’s path toward the Black Canary! Has Arrow becom…

Geekin' Podcast Issue 32: Geekin' on Browncoats: Independence War and Fan Films!

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Show Notes!

00.00   Ways to Get Your Geekin’!
00.22   Intro
02.02   Lyesmith discusses the Firefly fan film – Browncoats: Independence War! Also Discussed: Our interview with the director, Francis Hamada, can be found HERE! For additional Browncoats news, please visit their FACEBOOK PAGE and BROWNCOATS UNIVERSE
14.30   The Internet and the Rise of Fan Films!
16:34   Retinax 5 recommends STAR TREK: AXANAR
20:38   Lyesmith mourns the loss of the Batgirl fan film series, SPOILED First episode can be found HERE! Also Discussed: The short sightedness of Warner Bros. attorneys! Audio dramas from Pendant Productions. Is Around Comics the godfather of Geek Culture podcasts?
27:30   Retinax 5 recommends THE PUNISHER: DIRTY LAUNDRY
31:30   Lyesmith recommends HELLBLAZER: JOHN CONSTANTINE Also Discussed: Retinax 5 makes the most childish joke in the history of Geekin’
32:44   Retinax 5 and Lyesmith discuss BATMAN: DEAD END Also Discussed: The Boys of Geekin’ discuss their fa…

Geekin' Podcast Issue 31: Geekin On A Long Time Ago In A Galaxian Far Far Away

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Show Notes:

0.00.00: How to Get Your Geekin!

0.00.23: Intro

0.00.52: TMNT is a Hit!

0.06.35: Doctor Strange will NOT be an Origin Story??

0.12.33: The Star Wars show finally begins!

0.13.40: Obi-Wan Skywalker!

0.16.47: Will Carrie Fisher’s Daughter be in Episode 7?

0.18.16: New Look Storm Troopers!
Also Discussed: POSSIBLE SPOILERS! What role will the Empire play in Episode 7?

0.31.25: Star Wars Rebels storyline to crossover in Episode 7?
Also Discussed: POSSIBLE SPOILERS! The plot of a leaked script is discussed! Is Disney “Marvel-izing” Star Wars? Retinax 5 says “Fanwank” for the 20th time in this podcast! More Expanded Universe Discussion!

0.39.32: Original (non-Special Edition) Star Wars Trilogy Released on Blu-Ray – DEBUNKED!
Also Discussed: Lyesmith and Retinax 5 discuss their opinions on Star Wars Special Edition. Geekin’ Presents Nostalgia Theater: The Boys Geek out over The Last Starfighter! Lyesmith hates Elderly Jedi! George Lucas hates physics!


WORLD EXCLUSIVE Q&A w/ Creator of Browncoats: Independence War

What. What. WHAT. That's right. The boys of Geekin' grabbed the ear of none-other than Francis Hamada, creator of the fan-freaking-tastic Firefly fan-film, Browncoats: Independence War. Mr. Hamada was amazing enough to take the time to answer a few of our (and your!) questions about his film. For the first time anywhere, right here on Geekin', you'll read about Browncoats: Independence War and what went into making this movie. Retinax-5 and I are self-proclaimed "process junkies" for comic books, but that extends to other mediums as well. Getting to pick Mr. Hamada's brain about the whys and hows of making this fan film were a real treat and very cool to get to read back. On top of answering our (and your!) questions, Mr. Hamada gave us the rare privilege of getting to watch a pre-post version of the film. I'm not telling you this just to brag, though that's there too, but to bring you first hand knowledge of just how incredible this movie is. Fi…